Trenzi connects
people & brands.

PEOPLE are tired of being advertised to.
BRANDS are tired of wasting money on
advertising that just gets lost in the shuffle.

was created to cut out the middle
man and bring great products directly to
consumers by people they trust.
How Trenzi Works For:
products and brands
with friends on social media
Get Paid
for clicks, shares and more.
Earn Money
for classrooms.
Join Trenzi VIP
powered by Celebrity Focus,
and get access to opportunities.
Connect all your social
media accounts
enable all your followers to
find you on every channel.
Once you have a Trenzi
look for the Trenzi
button on your favorite
websites to earn rewards.
has teamed up with to help donate to classrooms.
Handpick a classroom, link a campaign and
earn money.
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