About Us

When is a brand more than just a brand? ALWAYS. A brand is a way for people to connect with one another. A brand is a way to express yourself. A brand is a way of life. Our favorite brands are a part of who we are – they create the products we use in our everyday lives, they define our sense of style, and give us the tools we need to get things done (or to entertain us while we avoid getting things done).

Do you remember how you came to know your favorite brands? Was it a traditional ad on TV or online?

Or did you see someone walking down the street? Maybe you overheard a group of friends talking and decided you needed in on the action. More often than not, we discover our favorite brands and products through the people closest to us, not through traditional advertising and marketing.

Enter Trenzi. Companies are tired of wasting money on advertising that just gets lost in the shuffle.

Consumers are tired of being advertised to. Trenzi was created to cut out the middle man and bring great products directly to consumers by people they trust – enter YOU.

You have excellent taste. You are an opinion leader amongst your peers. You know a great thing when you see it, and you could be getting PAID just for sharing that great thing with your friends and followers. Help us, help you, help them. With Trenzi, everyone wins.

Trenzi relies on users like you to make introductions between brands, products, and people – all you have to do is share.

Trenzi is a privately held C-Corporation headquartered in Seattle, WA.

Our office is located at:
911 Western Ave
Suite 511
Seattle, WA 98104, United States

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